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But I don´t care... I love you!

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Elaine (but you can call her Lany) is twenty two years old. She´s Brazilian so English isn´t her first language.She absolutely LOVES reading. Harry Potter is he first addiction. She´s a Hufflepuff and proud of it. Her favourite character (and her eternal love) is the werewolf Remus Lupin. She will always thanks Jo for writing these wonderful books. She ships Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Lily/James, Victoire/Teddy and... Remus/Tonks! She has made wonderful friends because Harry Potter exists and she will never forget them.
Now, she learned about this little town called Forks and loved it too. And, how cute, there are werewolves there too! But in Twilight she runs with the vampires because Edward Cullen and his shiny Volvo totally dazzles her! She ships Bella/Edward and Alice/Jasper.
She loves Meg Cabot´s book, but her favourites are "Princess Diaries" and "The Mediator". She is really a Michael/Mia and Jesse/Suze fan!
There are only five more things that you have to know:
- She ´s a nerd and she is totally happy with it;
- She loves reading fics (and when she has time she writes fics but in portuguese);
- She is also a podcaster;
- She only wrote this bio when she finished reading for the second time the Twilight saga;
- She absolutely loves making new friends!

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